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A second chance in love...

The HakkaiXYaone community.
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HakkaixYaone is Patient Love.

This is the HakkaiXYaone community for those who support this pairing. Going around the internet, I notice that a lot of people are more in favor of the slash/shounen-ai/yaoi couples of the fandom. I'm a fan of shounen-ai, but I really like the Hakkai/Yaone couple and think it should get a little more recognition. Friends, lovers. It's all good.

Rules: All fics, fanart, fanwork, etc is welcome as long it has something to do with Hakkai or Yaone or both. Be sure to mark it with warnings if they're spoilers or R/NC-17 material, though.

Flames and trolls are not welcome. If you don't like this pairing then why are you here? Don't come in here just be a arsehole, okay? You don't like it when you're flamed, so don't flame others for liking soemthing you don't.

No slash or femslash involving Hakkai or Yaone is allowd here. I have nothing against it... it's just this is supposed to be a type of hetero pairing place is all. You may post slash/femslash sideline pairings as long as Hakkai and Yaone is the main pairing or whatnot.

Well, that's all for now. Hope you enjoy your stay. ^__^